ATK Foods, Inc. 1143 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60607 1-800-233-9629

ATK Foods offers a wide range of quality food products that are healthier, tastier and better-for-you.

• The products we manufacture feature one or a combination of the following proteins — beef, pork, veal, chicken and turkey.

• Our products are made with simple, clean ingredients — no additives or preservatives are used.

• Using fresh meat in our products provides a consistently clean flavor.

• Spices and ingredients used in our products are hand-blended.

• Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce sausages, burgers, meatballs and patties featuring any of the above proteins in a wide variety of sizes and flavor profiles.

• We manufacture our products in small batches for better quality control and better customizability (for our customers).

• From mild to hot and spicy, we offer more than 50 different flavor profiles for all of our products — far more than any of our competitors.

 Our brands include: