ATK Foods, Inc. 1143 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60607 1-800-233-9629


Which do you prefer: The scale, efficiency and professionalism of a large company or the expertise, agility and personal touch of a small company?

ATK Foods offers foodservice customers the best of both worlds. Like many large companies, we have one of the widest and most comprehensive product offerings in the industry, we are certified as a Safe Quality Food Manufacturer and we have more than 90 years experience perfecting our craft within the foodservice channel. At the same time, our company is small enough to provide our customers with highly specialized services — customized or signature products, smaller batch runs for better quality control, quicker turnarounds and personalized account management and customer service.

Foodservice operators are looking for a manufacturer-partner that no only does it all but does all of it right need look only to ATK Foods — the company that’s “right-sized” for your business.