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Q&A with Amylu

Since taking charge in 1991, third-generation owner and CEO of ATK Foods, Amylu Kurzawski has been the guiding force behind the growth of our company and its brands. Amylu has catapulted her signature brands, Sausages by AmyluBurgers by Amylu, and Meatballs by Amylu to national prominence,  vastly expanded our flagship brand, Leon’s Sausage, and spearheaded the acquisition of the premiere Old-World sausage company, Slotkowski. Nothing is created or produced in our plant without her direct involvement. In fact, even as we speak, Amylu is preparing to launch a number of exciting new products!

Q: How did you get into this business?
A: You might say that the sausage business is in my blood. I helped out in the office when I was in 7th grade and in later years began to work in the plant. I started to work full-time after graduating from the University of Arizona and have worked in all phases of the business over the years.

Q: When did you develop your first product?
A: Product development has always been my main area of interest — I enjoy doing the research, formulation and product evaluation. My first hands-on new product was in 1985, an Andouille sausage that was developed specifically for Shaw's Crab House, a popular dining establishment here in Chicago.

Q: How do you create such unique products?
A: I try to keep up with the latest food and lifestyle trends — and apply them to our products. That's why my Amylu brand products are flavorful, lean, convenient and versatile — it's exactly what today’s consumers are looking for.

Q: Many other sausage firms contract out their manufacturing to other facilities. You don't. Why not?
A: We own and operate our own sausage manufacturing plant — so we have full and complete control over the quality and consistency of our manufacturing process. That gives us an advantage over the competition because we don't have to rely on someone else's equipment, personnel or manufacturing schedule. Our own manufacturing facility allows us to pay particularly close attention to every sausage product that comes down the line. That's why our products are vastly superior to competing brands.

Q: What's the best way to enjoy your company’s products?
A: We've developed and tested a number of interesting recipes featuring our products over the years, and we’re constantly adding to our repertoire. Check out the dozens of ways to enjoy our great products in our Recipes section.

What Our Customer's Have to Say
We were introduced to your line of sausages by Amylu at our store in my neighborhood during a store presentation. Even with the picky eaters I have at home three kids (all teenagers) they loved your sausages! I have been buying them ever since then on every trip to the grocery store.

- Sharon M.